Build your email list
on auto-pilot

Digest picks your best tweets of the week and sends them in a beautiful email straight to your fans.

Own your audience

You are investing a lot of time into building your Twitter audience. It's time you start owning a part of your audience. Digest allows you to move your audience from Twitter into your own mailing list without the hassle of managing it.

Create relationships

Use personalized notes to start building relationships with your biggest fans. Digest let's you add a custom message to every email that's sent to your mailing list. You can use this to share special announcements, advertise your latest projects or just share a quick update.

Own your data

Digest let's you download your entire mailing list whenever you want and do with it as you please.

Monetize your audience

Digest places no restrictions on what you do with your audience. You can add an affiliate link to your mailing list or you can place an ad.